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Premium Bowling

Premium Bowling is a realistic and easy to play bowling game with multiplayer and virtual reality support on Oculus Quest and PC.

Full Drift Racing

Full Drift Racing is an epic racing game with multiplayer and teams.

Javelin Masters 3

Javelin Masters 3 is second sequel to Javelin Masters franchise. Game has multiple arenas to play and all new real-time multiplayer system.

Javelin Masters 2

Javelin Masters 2 is a sequel to Javelin Masters. Game has new league system, friend daily tops, country tops, goodies to unlock such as grand-stand, rage throw, better javelins and a new thrower. Game was published by Fingersoft Ltd on October 2014 and it was downloaded over 1 million times in 10 days. Game has been featured in Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

Hurdles Masters

Hurdles Masters is second Track&Field game by Sadetta. This time you compete in 110 meters hurdles. Game features learning hurdler, advanced ragdoll physics for falling, retro pixel graphics and leaderboards. Game was released on May 2014 for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

Javelin Masters

Javelin Masters is a addictive javelin throwing game. Javelin Masters brings the good old Track & Field style gameplay to mobile devices via innovative swipe user interface. It also features learning thrower, coach, retro pixel graphics and leaderboards. Game was released on April 2014 for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. Game has been super-popular in Finland. (Free Games Category: #2 position on iPhone App Store, #2 on Google Play, #4 on iPad App Store and #5 on Windows Phone Store)

Magical Zombie Smasher

Magical Zombie Smasher is a casual zombie smashing game with friend and world rankings. Game was released on December 2013 for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

Emancy: Borderline War

Emancy: Borderline War was first released in June 2013 for Android and later for iOS and Windows 8. Emancy is a war game where player's duty is to conquer strategically important land by commanding armies and control soldiers in massive battles against enemy troops.

Downhill Champion

Downhill Champion was first released in September 2012 for Nokia platforms and soon after also for Android. Downhill Champion is a sidescroller downhill biking game. More than million downloads to date.

Motocross Masters

Motocross Masters was first released in February 2011 for Nokia platforms and later also for Android. Motocross Masters is a sidescroller motocross game. It achieved top 10 rank in games category in $10M Calling All Innovators Competition by Nokia and AT&T. More than 4 million downloads to date.

Bowling Evolution

Bowling Evolution was first released in 2005 for PC and Sadetta made the first commercial release in 2009. Bowling Evolution is a 3D bowling game with online highscores and player rankings.

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